Learners in Newport let down by WG announcement

Posted on Wednesday 11th July 2018

“The Welsh Government’s recent announcement on teacher training accreditation is very disappointing news for Newport and the University of South Wales.  

“It is important that we equip our classroom teachers for the challenges they face as effectively as possible and I am surprised that Newport and the University of South Wales have lost out in this process. 

“As a teacher myself, I’ve seen the excellent work our university in Newport puts in to raising teaching standards and improving outcomes for learners. For this reason, the withdrawal of teacher training provision in Newport is difficult to comprehend.

“I will be supporting the University of South Wales and all its partner schools in any appeal and will be seeking clarity on the assessment and evaluation process in order to understand why the USW bid to provide Initial Teacher Education in Newport has been rejected. 

“I understand that a recommendation was made by an independent panel advising the Education Workforce Council (EWC) but am concerned about the level of democratic oversight for such a crucial decision. Were the interests of learners and schools in Newport or other parts of Wales considered when these decisions were taken by these anonymous bureaucrats?

 “I also wonder if a competitive bidding process is the best use of resources at a time of continuing austerity.  When have market forces ever delivered the best outcomes for learners?  Whether in HE or post-16 provision, we need to move away from the failed, market driven approaches to education of successive UK governments and deliver services in partnership and collaboration, with local democratic accountability which places the needs of learners first.”

Cllr Debbie Wilcox
Leader of Newport City Council

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