Revised PSPO for Newport city centre

Posted on Monday 8th January 2018

Newport City Council has started a review of the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) currently covering the city centre.

Members of the overview and scrutiny management committee agreed on January 8 that now is the time to review the PSPO introduced in November 2015 as it expires this November and has to be renewed before then.

As the review includes some changes the committee agreed on a consultation plan to seek the views of the public on these proposals and where there are problems with other kinds of anti-social behaviour that need to be tackled.

The review examines which proposals can be kept or revised and whether we need to introduce new restrictions to tackle other forms of anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

A report to scrutiny highlighted a particular problem is youths gathering near takeaways in the city centre in late afternoon and evenings.

Police say 29 per cent of the calls they receive in the city centre relate to gang/youth antisocial behaviour which is worse at weekends.

High Street remains the highest area for recorded antisocial behaviour in the city centre.

Of the proposals out for consultation, one is to disperse groups that are committing anti-social behaviour and another is to stop people begging near cash machines, following complaints from the public.

The public will now be asked to comment on all proposals to tighten up controls on anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

The consultation will last for two months with the results brought back to the overview and scrutiny management committee at its meeting on 26 April 2018 to review and to make recommendations to the Cabinet Member for Licensing and Regulation and to Council as to what restrictions are to feature in the revised order.


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