Have your say on community protection order for Maesglas

Posted on Thursday 15th February 2018

Newport City Council is considering implementing a public space protection order (PSPO) in part of the Maesglas area of the city.

The PSPO will concentrate on the area behind Maesglas shops on Cardiff Road, and some nearby streets which have experienced anti-social behaviour for many months.

Gaer ward councillors, Gwent police and Newport City Homes have all received reports of antisocial behaviour in this area.

The council is now asking the public for their views on the proposal, one of which would see the alleyway behind the shops gated off.

The other three proposals are:

  • To restrict people who are causing antisocial behaviour from loitering or gathering in the street;
  • To restrict people from drinking alcohol in the street and
  • To restrict people from selling, using or possessing controlled substances in the street.


A PSPO can be used to prevent anti-social behaviour in a public place where it is disturbing, or is likely to disturb, local people's quality of life, and the behaviour is likely to continue and is unreasonable.

The power to make a protection order rests with the council, which can implement a PSPO on any public space within its own area for a maximum of three years, which can be reviewed at any time.

The council created and implemented a PSPO in November 2015 in the city centre area of Newport, and in Pillgwenlly last year and both orders have already produced positive changes, particularly relating to on-street alcohol consumption.

The public can now have their say on the proposed restrictions and the proposed boundary of the area to be included, make comments and also provide suggestions for further restrictions.

Full details are available at

All comments will be considered by council officers who will make recommendations for consideration by the Cabinet Member and full Council.

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