Seven people caught on camera illegally dumping rubbish

Posted on Wednesday 6th September 2017

You can take excess rubbish to the Household Waste Recycling Centre

A covert operation to capture fly tippers has seen seven culprits caught and fined.

Hidden cameras were put up at a problem spot in Tregwillym Road in Rogerstone following persistent fly tipping in the area.

All the people caught on camera were each given a £75 fixed penalty notice resulting in total fines of £525.

Following the success of this operation the council now plans to carry on using hidden cameras at a range of locations.

Newport City Council’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene, Councillor Roger Jeavons, said fly tipping is a scourge on society and the council is determined to use every means available to capture offenders.

“Fly tipping is a problem across Newport - and the rest of the UK - and as a council we will do everything we can to clamp down on offenders.

“We will not tolerate this anti-social behaviour and we now plan to carry out more operations using CCTV cameras to track down and fine offenders.

“We caught seven people following this successful operation in Rogerstone and thanks to the diligence of our waste enforcement team who tracked the offenders down.

“However clearing up fly tipped rubbish is costly and will cause even more constraints on tight budgets using valuable resources that could be used to deliver other services to our residents.

“If anyone witnesses fly tipping we would urge them to call our confidential hotline where details of any incident can be left and our team will investigate,” said Cllr Jeavons.

The Pride in Newport hotline number is 07973698582.

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