Posted on Thursday 25th May 2017

Newport’s own tribute to the 22 people who died and the 64 people who were injured in the Manchester bombing will take place in Westgate Square on Friday evening at 6pm.

Organisers, including the council, Mosques, churches, charities, youth groups and schools are very deliberately promoting the event as a celebration of the lives of the people affected and have promised that it will be led by the children and young people of this city. They are keen to see as many children, young people and families turning out to show their solidarity with the people of Manchester as possible. Debbie Wilcox, Leader of Newport City Council, said “Children and young people are precious to the people of every community, which makes this attack all the more upsetting. The communities of Newport are committed to our children and young people being active, vocal and listened to. This event will reflect all of those ideals”.

The event will include music and recitals from local schools Ysgol Gyfun Is Coed and St Julians, followed by a live music set supported by Newport City Radio and words of reflection from young people from youth groups in Maindee, Pill and the Islamic Society of Wales. It will end with a few words from Christian and Muslim faith leaders and a minute of silent reflection.

Mubarak Ali of the Islamic Society of Gwent, who has organised more traditional candlelit vigils in the past, said “We felt the need to move beyond words and to show that people from different backgrounds genuinely do work, live and play together in this city. Cohesion is not a myth, it’s a reality and it feels good”.

Anybody who wishes to attend the event on Friday evening is encouraged simply to turn up. Kebba Manneh from SEWREC, a charity that promotes equality and diversity, says “Everybody is welcome. People can bring candles, people can bring flowers, but most of all we ask them to bring their friends and their families”

Any young person or group of young people who would like to take part are asked to contact David Phillips on 01633 250 006 or, or simply turn up, we will fit you in.

This event is being organised by:

  • Newport City Council
  • Newport City Youth Service
  • Newport City Radio
  • The Islamic Society of Wales

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