Warning over graffiti on Old Green underpass

Posted on Wednesday 7th June 2017
Newport City Council has spent thousands of pounds removing graffiti from council buildings and street furniture - most recently on the underpasses at the Old Green roundabout in the city centre.

So it is sad to see that once again the underpass has been defaced and the criminal act put up as a video on social media.

Councillor Roger Jeavons, Cabinet Member for Streetscene, said: “This act of vandalism is blighting the underpass.

“This is not art, graffiti would only be regarded as art if it had been commissioned or created with the permission of the owners of the building or site.

“To blatantly go out and graffiti these walls which were repainted just a couple of weeks ago is extremely disheartening.

“We will be spending around £30,000 this year clearing up graffiti and this is a shame because this public money could easily be spent elsewhere and put to so much better use to positively improve our communities.”

Gwent Police are urging the public to report incidents of graffiti.

City Centre Inspector Rob Jenkins said: “Graffiti is a form of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage and will not be tolerated. If you know who is responsible, please let us know by calling 101.”

The council removes graffiti from council buildings and street furniture, but not from private properties unless it is offensive, abusive or threatening.

There is an online form which people can use to report incidents of graffiti which will then be cleaned by the council’s Streetscene staff on a rota basis. Visit

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