Cabinet to discuss budget proposals following public consultation

Posted on Monday 13th February 2017
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On Monday, 20 February Newport City Council's Cabinet will consider the final budget proposals

On Monday 20 February, Newport City Council’s Cabinet will consider the final budget proposals, including council tax, it will recommend to full council next month.

At its December meeting, savings proposals totalling nearly £3.5 million were discussed, as the council looks to close a budget gap of over £5 million in the next financial year. 

Since then a full consultation has taken place which attracted around 50 per cent more responses than last year. Cabinet Members will consider all feedback received when they meet, including comments from the public, partners, trade unions, businesses, schools, third sector and the Fairness Commission.

Following the December Cabinet meeting, and the start of the public consultation, Newport City Council received its final Revenue Settlement Grant figure for 2017/18 from Welsh Government. This money accounts for around 80 per cent of the council’s overall budget, council tax contributes around 20 per cent.

The final grant was lower than originally indicated by Welsh Government representing a 0.4 per cent decrease in cash funding, but in reality a 0.7 per cent decrease after taking into account changes to how grants are provided and new responsibilities that must be funded.

Councillor Debbie Wilcox, Leader of Newport City Council, said: “I am grateful for all the feedback from both individuals and organisations – it has certainly helped us identify the areas most important to you, and these views will be fully considered when we make our decisions next week.

“Delivering a balanced budget is no easy job when considering ever-reducing funds and considerable increases in the demand for very important local services. Welsh Government has also indicated that we are also likely to see cuts in further years, so it is imperative that we plan carefully and show strong financial management in order to protect future services as best we can.”

Cabinet will determine their final recommendations for savings & investments as well as council tax. These will go to full council on Thursday 2 the meeting and recommend the resulting council tax to the Council

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