Well-being Plan


Wales faces a number of challenges such as austerity, climate change, poverty, health inequalities, an ageing population, jobs and growth.

To tackle these we need to work differently and think about the decisions we make now will affect our children and grand-children in the future.

Local Well-being Plan consultation

This consultation closed 18 February 2018

One Newport, the city’s Public Services Board (PSB) has prepared a draft local wellbeing plan for 2018-23 which includes four objectives: 

  • people feel good about living, working, visiting and investing in Newport  
  • people have skills and opportunities to find suitable work and generate sustainable economic growth
  • people and communities are friendly, confident and empowered to improve their well-being
  • Newport has healthy, safe and resilient environments

A series of workshops with local organisations helped to develop the following contributions to the main objectives:

  • The Newport offer
  • Strong resilient communities
  • Right skills
  • Green and safe spaces
  • Sustainable travel

View an animated presentation of the draft Well-being Plan

Read more about the draft local Well-being Plan