Pill public space protection order

Public consultation, 14 November 2016 - 15 January 2017

This consultation has now closed 

A public space protection order (PSPO) is designed to prevent anti-social behaviour in a public place where it is disturbing, or is likely to disturb, local people's quality of life, and the behaviour is likely to  continue and is unreasonable.

The Pill PSPO came into effect in July 2017

The power to make an order rests with the council which can make a PSPO on any public space within its own area for a maximum of three years, which can be reviewed at any time.

When making a PSPO, the council must have particular regard to the rights of freedom or expression and freedom of assembly and association set out in the Human Rights Act 1998.

What does a PSPO do?

Restrictions and requirements are set out by the council and can be blanket or targeted towards certain behaviour by certain groups at certain times.

Access can be restricted to public spaces (including certain types of highway) where the route is being used for anti-social behaviour.

Orders can be enforced by a police officer, police community support officer and delegated council officers.

A breach of the PSPO is a criminal offence which can result in the issue of a fixed penalty notice of up to £100, or a level 3 fine of up to £1000, on prosecution.

PSPO conditions

  1. No person shall within the restricted area refuse to stop drinking alcohol or hand over any containers (sealed or unsealed) which are believed to contain alcohol, when required to do so by an authorised officer to prevent public nuisance or disorder.

  2. A person is prohibited from congregating in a group of three or more persons within the restricted area after an authorised person has requested that the group disperse – this allows for individuals to stand in groups if they are not causing trouble and have not been asked to disperse.  

The following could also be considered and included as separate terms:

3. A person is prohibited from having in their possession, selling or supplying any intoxicating substance namely any substance with the capacity to stimulate or depress the central nervous system but not including alcohol, tobacco or vaporisers; a person is required to surrender any such intoxicating substance in their possession when asked to do so by an authorised officer in the restricted area.  A person does not commit an offence under this Order where the said substance is used for a valid medicinal use. 

Geographical area

The effective boundary of the proposed PSPO is the ward area of Pillgwenlly.

It is already illegal to drop litter and not clear up dog mess.


Email consult.communitysafety@newport.gov.uk.

All comments will be considered by a group of councillors and officers who will make recommendations to be put into a PSPO to be considered by a meeting of the full Council.