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Member question: Councillor J Watkins, received 4 September 2017 

Subject: Information Station staffing costs

Recently I submitted an FOI in respect of excessive waiting times at the NCC Contact Centre telephone line.  

The FOI revealed a £1.19m annual staffing cost for NCC call centre.  

The FOI also highlighted the staffing numbers. So working on rough estimates... 

21 full-time operators (£17k x 21 = £357,000)

6 part-time operators (£12k x 6 = £72,000)

6 senior operators (£20k x 6 = £120,000)

4 team managers (£35k x 4 = £140,000)

1 senior manager (£50k? x 1 = £50,000)  

Estimated total: £739,000  

This leaves a shortfall of roughly £450,000 unaccounted for? Are there other staffing costs unaccounted for? I would be extremely grateful for your clarification and response. 


There is no shortfall of £450k unaccounted for. The costs of basic salaries is £1,022,748 for a total of 40 full-time equivalent staff, including face-to-face and technical staff (not just phone staff).

In addition, the associated salary costs i.e. National Insurance contributions, pension contributions etc. cost a further £162,447. 

These costs are based on the following salary grades:

Basic salary for customer services officers is up to £19,939

Basic salary for senior customer services officers is up to £22,434

Basic salary for team managers is up to £29,033

Basic salary for the senior manager post is up to £38,789

Issued 2 October 2017