Budget 2017-2018


The 2017/18 budget for Newport City Council was agreed at a meeting of full Council on 2 March 2017.

Read the 2017/18 Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan (pdf).

At a subsequent meeting of the council's Cabinet on 20 March 2017, the following report on the Use of the 2016/2017 underspend (pdf) was agreed.

Around £48m of savings have been made in the last five years and further savings had to be found for 2017/18 and beyond.

Our budget presentation provides more information on how the council spends its money and the challenges being faced. 

On 21 December 2016, Cabinet reviewed a number of budget proposals that then went out for public consultation over four weeks.


If you have any comments or ideas about how we can provide services in a different way or save money contact us by:

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