Management board

The Social Care Workforce Development Partnership Management Board will have not more than fourteen members representing the stakeholder categories.

A majority of members will be from direct care agencies.

There will be a minimum two representatives of Newport City Council, one of whom will be the partnership coordinator.

Management Board membership 

Bernard Dacey



Coleg Gwent

Pam Plummer

Headway Adolescent

Bernadette Byrne

Children Voluntary Sector (PPA)

Helen Hughes

Ashton Park Residential Home

Joan Gills

Reach Supported Living

Lyn Toomey


Kate Thomas


Ray Morrison

Bluebird Care

Claire Broome (acting Chair)

Newport City Council

Pat Bridge

Newport City Council

Rachel Collier

Newport City Council

Louise Quatermass

Newport City Council

Representation on the Board will be invited from: 

Independent sector                                                                        

Mental health services, care home with and without nurisng care for older people, domiciliary services, residential learning disability services, supported housing, residential childrens services, voluntary sector, ABU health board, FEI and HEI, training agency, community safety partnership.                   

Local authority                   

Partnership coordinator, business manager, principal training officer, commissioning and contracting manager, provider manager, administrator.

Other people representing stakeholder groups will be invited as required.


Newport SCWDP Co-ordinator, Brynglas House, Brynglas Road, Newport NP20 5QU

Telephone: (01633) 656656