ExtraCare homes

This page explains what Extracare housing is and who may be able to live there.

ExtraCare provides assisted living for the frail and elderly in safe and secure housing in Newport.

A care plan agreed with each tenant and a person’s independence, privacy, dignity and choices are always considered.

Linc Cymru provides a full-time manager on site at each of the schemes.


All ExtraCare schemes have a dining room where a midday meal is provided every day and a library, hairdressers and laundry.

There is a recharging facility and garage for electrically powered buggies.

Social activities are available for those who wish to take part.

As well as personal care, support workers provide housing related support to eligible tenants which may include:

  • going with tenants to shops, church, community centre
  • helping people to develop skills such as shopping, laundry and cooking
  • contacting other services like the doctor or social worker
  • help with letters and forms
  • help to make sure that the tenant and their property are safe and secure

ExtraCare tenants

The tenant of each specially designed flat has full tenancy rights - the flat is their home.

Tenants keep their rights to benefits, and live as independent a life as possible.

The schemes aim to improve the quality of life for frail older people and preserve their independence.

All ExtraCare flats are linked to Newport City Homes 24 hour telecare service.

ExtraCare Newport sites

There are four ExtraCare sites in Newport:


For more information about ExtraCare Housing contact Linc-Cymru (opens new website)