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Foster for Newport City Council

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Children and young people of all ages and backgrounds need foster care when it is not possible for them to live with family members or friends. 

We need foster carers to provide a safe and caring home for our children for as long as they need one.

Ask about becoming a foster carer

(You can register for a council account when you follow this link, or simply click on 'guest' to leave your details)

We need foster carers for:

  • temporary fostering, from an overnight stay to a few months
  • permanent fostering to provide a child with a home until they become an adult 
  • respite care for families needing a regular or one-off break

Please join Newport's foster carers so that more children can stay in their local area

As a foster carer you will need:

  • room to look after a child, whether your home is a flat or house, owned or rented
  • to be able to open your heart and home to a child or young person and provide a good standard of care in a safe and secure environment
  • to be flexible to meet a child’s needs and be able to support them through any difficulties they may have
  • you can be married or single
  • you can be in a same sex relationship
  • you can be any age over 20 as long as you are fit and healthy
  • patience, tolerance and a good sense of humour are essential!

The only people who would not be considered are those who have been convicted of an offence against children or a violent crime.

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be made and we will request medical and local authority checks as well as employment and personal references.

The children range from 0-18 years and vary in their personalities and needs.

We respect a child’s racial, religious, linguistic and cultural backgrounds when placing them with a foster family, as well as ensuring that their health and developmental needs are met.

Support for foster carers

A fostering officer will be assigned to support you, and the child will have their own social worker.

There will always be someone available to give advice or discuss concerns.

You will receive pre-approval training during the assessment period which runs for two consecutive Saturdays (9.30am - 4.30pm) and covers issues such as child safety and managing challenging behaviour.

Following approval, other training will be available to you.  

Download the Fostering Service Statement of Purpose (pdf)

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