Road safety training

Pass Plus winner Mollie Scourfield December 2017

Pass Plus Cymru

Pass Plus Cymru is a driver training course aimed at drivers aged between 17 and 25 who have recently passed their driving test.   

The course looks at driving techniques, hazard awareness, coping with busy traffic conditions, using rural roads and motorway driving - all for £20, and there is no test! 


Congratulations to Mollie Scourfield from Newport, the latest winner of the Pass Plus Cymru quarterly prize draw who received a cheque for £250 - well done Mollie.

The next Pass Plus course in Newport takes place 6 February 2018

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Kill your speed, not your mates

Do you have a friend who drives too fast, loves the thrill of speeding, makes dangerous moves on the roads and who drives too close behind other cars? 

This friend could be a Deadly Mate. 

Deadly Mates end up in accidents because of their dangerous driving behaviour and because of their attitude.

They are too busy thinking about their image and not thinking enough about their driving and the value of life. 

If you are in the car with them, they are putting your life and other lives in danger, as well as their own - who are your Deadly Mates? 


Motorcyclists are 40 times more likely to be killed than a car driver.  

The BikeSafe course is supported by Welsh police forces and advises motorcyclists on how to enjoy their riding safely.    

Cycle training

Newport's primary schools host cycle training to National Standards Level 1 delivered by Newport Live.