Duffryn consultation

The consultation on the proposal to amalgamate Duffryn infant school and Duffryn junior school has now closed

Newport City Council consulted on the proposal:

This consultation has now closed

To amalgamate Duffryn Infant School and Duffryn Junior School into an all-through 3-11 primary school with effect from April 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.

Download the Report to the CM for Education and Young People (pdf)

Download the associated Decision Schedule (pdf)

Download the Fairness and Equality Impact Assessment (pdf) 


Monday 5 September 2016 - Sunday 16 October 2016

The consultation was an opportunity for people to learn about the proposal, ask questions and make comments that were recorded for consideration when the council takes a decision.

There were two drop-in sessions for those most directly affected by the proposal, with council officers on hand to explain the proposals in more detail and answer any questions:


Date and time

Duffryn Infant School, Partridge Way NP10 8WP

Tuesday 13 September 2016, 9am – 11am  

Duffryn Junior School, Partridge Way NP10 8WP

Thursday 15 September  2016,

3pm – 5pm


Download the formal consultation document (pdf)

Download the consultation everyday summary version (pdf) 

A consultation pro-forma was also available at the drop-in sessions.

Responses made during this consultation were not counted as objections to the proposal but were instead counted as adverse comments.  

The proposal

The proposal concerns the provision of English-medium community-maintained education at Duffryn Infant School and Duffryn Junior School.

The proposal is to close both schools and in their place to open a new single all-through primary school to accommodate children aged between 3 and 11 years.

There will be no increase to the school capacity and no capital works are planned for the site.

Growing national evidence shows that all-through primary schools create more consistency between year groups and key stages in teaching, learning, planning and assessment. There is improved use of teachers’ skills, specialist teaching and improved pastoral arrangements, as well as benefits for finance, management and leadership. 

Consultation report

When the formal consultation period ended, a consultation report was prepared which summarised the issues and points raised and included a list of frequently asked questions about the proposal. 

Download the Duffryn school consultation report (pdf)

Statutory notice stage

The council's Cabinet Member for Education and Young People (CM) considered the views expressed during the formal consultation process, and decided to take forward the proposal by publishing a statutory notice.  

Download the Report (pdf), the associated Decision Schedule (pdf) and the updated Fairness and Equality Impact Assessment (pdf).

Statutory Notice (pdf) was published 4 January 2017 for a period of 28 days and no objections were received.

Final decision  

The full statutory consultation process on the council’s proposal to amalgamate Duffryn infant school and Duffryn junior school has now ended.

This process passed through the statutory notice stage without objection and a final decision on the proposal has been taken by the Cabinet Member for Education and Young People to implement the proposal. 

Download the Report to the Cabinet Member for Education and Young People (pdf)

Download the associated Decision Schedule (pdf)  

Download the Fairness and Equality Impact Assessment (pdf)

Download the final decision notification letter (pdf)