Apply for building control


There are two types of building regulations application:

Full plans submission

Download the Full Plans application form (pdf) which can be used for any proposed type or size of work.

You will need to submit two copies of all plans and the appropriate plan fee and will receive an invoice for the inspection fee when the work begins.

Four copies of plans are required for schemes where Means of Escape Legislation is applicable, such as workplaces and/or commercial/assembly buildings.

A formal decision should be given within five weeks from the date of deposit, although this can be extended to two calendar months by agreement.

An ‘amendment letter’ may be sent asking you for additional information before approval can be granted, otherwise the application will be approved.

The application may also receive a Conditional Approval or a Staged Approval in appropriate circumstances.

Building notice

Download the Building Notice Submission form (pdf) – this method of application does not require you to submit detailed plans.

A building notice is suitable for minor residential work, e.g. home alterations and small extensions. It cannot be used for work involving offices, shops or any other commercial use.

There is no formal plan approval but site approval and final completion is as normal.

With the application form send: 

  • A dimensional block plan indicating the size and number of storeys in the building and its relationships to adjoining boundaries and drainage provisions
  • The Building Notice fee

You may be required to submit plans or other details if these are considered necessary.


The charges for building regulation applications are standard, or for the larger schemes, individually determined on a scheme-by-scheme basis.

Standard charges

Guidance leaflets on standard charges have been produced for:

New Dwellings (pdf)

Domestic Extensions and Alterations (pdf)

There are reductions on standard charges for repetitive or repeat work from an owner of plans that have been previously approved by the authority.

Individually determined charges

If the charge for your building work is not listed as a standard charge it will be calculated individually.

Email with 'request for Building Regulation charge' in the title and provide a description of the intended work. 

We will contact you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday)

Early involvement before the formal deposit of a Building Regulations application is welcomed so that we can provide assistance to achieve approval of your scheme.


  • Full Plans Submission - Plan Charge, for checking the plans and is payable when the application is submitted.
  • Inspection Charge - payable after the first inspection on site by Building Control Officers.
  • Building Notice Submission - Building Notice Charge, payable when you submit your application.

You can pay:

  • in cash at the council's Information Station - please do not send cash in the post
  • by cheque payable to Newport City Council by post or at the Information Station
  • by credit or debit card at the Information Station or by phone by speaking to the development services support team on (01633) 656656


For advice email or contact Newport City Council and ask for the building control team.