Green Finance

Green Finance 

Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust can arrange an energy efficiency audit and provide interest free loans for investments that will reduce carbon emissions throughless energy usage. 

Wrap Cymru 

Wrap Cymru work with businesses to help them reduce packaging and waste. Up to £10,000 is available towards consultancy and £50,000 towards the capital cost of developing and maintaining sustainable waste management solutions.


The Enhance Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA)

The ECA scheme provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investments in equipment that meets published energy-saving criteria. 

Feed in Tariffs

If your business generates its own electricity, you can receive payment for any surplus exported to the national grid. Visit the feed-in tariff page on Gov.UK for further information.  

Energy Entrepreneurs Fund

The fund supports the development of innovative technologies or processes in energy efficiency, storage and lowcarbon generation.

Work needs to be completed by 31 March 2015, visit the Department of Energy and Climate Change for more information. 

Energy and Environment SME Growth Fund

Welsh Government grants of up to £100,000 are available towards revenue and capital costs to SMEs in the Energy and Environment sector. See Business Wales for further information.