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Swimming Lessons

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To register parents will need to follow the below link.

Parents will be required to enter the following details to register their children:

Childs card ID (Stated Member ID on the website) which can be obtained from our reception team or by looking at the number on your childs leisure card.

Childs date of birth

Either an email address or postcode matching that recorded in our database.

Parents will have the option to register all children using the same email address

An activation email will be sent. Upon receiving this email activate the account following the on screen instructions. Parents will be able to track their childs progress against set criteria as well as monitoring remaining sessions for each individual.

New national plan for teaching swimming

Ducklings: Pre- requisite = 4-7 years old

Introduces children to water and develops water confidence through floatation, submersion and basic stroke skills.

Stage 1: Pre- requisite = achieved Duckling 3 Award

Basic safety awareness, basic movement skills and water confidence skills. Swimmers may use aids such as a float etc.

Stage 2: Pre- requisite = move from Stage 1

Safe entries to water including jumping, basic floating, travel and rotation to gain upright position unaided.

Travel 5 metres on front and back unaided.

Stage 3: Pre- requisite = move from Stage 2

Safe entries including submersion, travel up to 10 metres on front and back (unaided), progress rotation skills and water safety knowledge.

Stage 4: Pre- requisite = move from Stage 3

Developing an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills including sculling, refining kicking technique for all strokes and swimming 10 metres to an expected standard as directed by the ASA.

Stage 5: Pre- requisite = move from Stage 4

Developing a variety of aquatic skills including sculling and treading water and complete rotation in the water.

Performing 10 metres of all four strokes to standards as directed by the ASA.

Stage 6: Pre- requisite = move from Stage 5

Developing effective swimming skills, including co-ordinated breathing, developing water safety aspects and understanding of preparation for exercise.

Introduction to lifesaving shout, signal rescue and swimming 25 metres of choice stroke.

Stages 7 – 10: (Swimming) Pre-Requisite = move from Stage 7

Further develop stroke technique and swimming stamina over increased distances. Introduction of competitive swimming skills including starts, turns and finishes in all of the four main strokes. (delivered in Swim Club academies)

Stages 8 – 10 (Synchro) Pre-requisite = move from Stage 7 (Swimming)

Children will be introduced to the aquatic sport of synchro, learning and developing a variety of water skills including synchro strokes, sculling, somersaults, floatation and egg-beater kick.

Children will also be given the opportunity to develop these skills into a routine.

Stage 8 – 10 (Rookie Lifesaving): Pre- requisite = move from Stage 7 (Swimming)

Children will learn numerous new lifesaving skills including life support, water safety, recognised lifesaving rescue techniques, water safety education, resuscitation and lifesaving strokes.

Stage 8 – 10 (Mini Water Polo): Pre- requisite = move from Stage 7 (Swimming)

Learn and develop a variety of water polo skills including water polo specific swimming strokes, technique for catching and throwing, treading water and ball skills.

For further information contact:

Active Newport
Newport City Council
Civic Centre
NP20 4UR
Telephone: (01633) 656 757


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