Sport, Leisure, Health & Fitness in Newport

Spinning Class


Active Newport offers over 115 fitness classes each week, with something for everyone.

Classes take place in all leisure centres led by professionally trained team members - in fact we have the highest qualified fitness team in Newport!

January-December 2014 fitness timetable (pdf) available to view now


All fitness classes can be booked in advance.

Try one or more of the huge range of fitness classes available:


A new class which provides an effective core and total body workout which builds muscle and burns calories through strength and movement training.


A fun, choreographed and effective workout for the whole body.


An energising water based exercise to music, working towards improving fitness, toning and co-ordination.

Body Blast

A low weights and high repetitions class to sculpt your body

Bokwa NEW!

Latest aerobic global workout. Dance the digits and draw the alphabet to the latest chart beats.


High intensity workout using punch pads and skipping ropes

Circuit Training

A combination of aerobic and resistance training designed to be easy to follow.

Great for general fitness and fat loss.

Fat Burners

High intensity, low impact aerobics workout, aimed at burning up those extra calories

Functional Training

No fixed machines or routines, this training is the latest strength and cardio workout.


Strength and cardio workout using kettlebells. A 45 minute class because that’s all you’ll need!

Legs, Bums and Tums

Give more definition and firm up those difficult areas.

Metabolic Effect NEW!

A lifestyle program designed specifically to target your fat burning hormones.


A mind and body workout, focusing on improving core stability and posture.


Group exercise class on a stationary bike, focusing on endurance and strength


Gets your heart and lungs pumping while giving your legs and bottom the ultimate workout.


Classic postures and relaxation to improve energy and concentration


Fun and easy to do workout, fusing hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves

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