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Newport's Budget Challenge
Budget Saving Proposals for 2017-18

Her Cyllideb Casnewydd
Cynigion ar gyfer gwneud arbedion yn 2017-18

The draft 2017-18 Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) for Newport City Council comes at a time of prolonged pressure on public services as a combination of reduced income, rising demands on services, increased expectations and the increasing costs of running services as a result of the UK Government’s programme of austerity and the consequential impact on the funding we receive from Welsh Government, we need to find significant savings to balance our budget for 2017/18. Despite the difficult financial position, Newport continues to have a low council tax relative to others councils across the UK. The average rate payable is the second lowest in Wales. It should also be stressed that Council Tax only pays for one fifth of the services the Council runs with most of our income coming from support grants from the Welsh Government.
The financial pressures outlined above are cumulative in their effect and have meant that over the last five years the Council has already had to find savings of over £45 million pounds from its revenue budget. Despite the major reduction in funding much of these savings have been realised through the Council becoming more efficient and adopting new ways of working which have minimised the impact on frontline services.
For 2017-18 the total budget savings proposed is approximately £5.6 million, which can be broken down into savings agreed during previous years; Head of Service decision; Cabinet decision; and Cabinet Member decision.

More information on these savings are detailed in the Cabinet Report on Newport City Council’s website, which can be found by visiting www.newport.gov.uk/budgetchallenge.
We would like your views on both the Cabinet and Cabinet Member decisions, which have been split into 4 different sections totalling 10 savings proposals that add up to approximately £1.1 million (for 2017-18) and an additional Council Tax proposal. For reasons of openness, savings decisions made by Heads of Service are also listed on the website but we are not consulting with the public on these.

At the beginning of each section you will be asked whether or not you would like to review and comment on any of the specific proposals within the section. If you answer ‘yes’ you will be directed to the proposals or to the next section if you answer ‘no’.

Thank you for your input into this challenging, but important and necessary process.

Basic Information

This is to collect basic information of those completing the survey.
1a What gender are you (tick one box only)?
1b How old are you (tick one box only)?
1c What area of Newport do you live in (tick one box only)?

List of Budget Proposals 2017-18

Section 1: People

2 Do you want to review and comment on the 7 'People' proposals?
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Do you agree with the following proposals?
3a Proposal CF171801 - Realignment of funding for children’s preventions services.

Savings: £55,000 (2017-18); Staff reduction of 2 FTE (full time equivalent)

This proposal represents a 10% reduction in prevention services to children and families who are vulnerable but not yet in acute need.

The team supports children, young people and families where needs fall below the threshold for the statutory interventions of Children’s Services. Cutting two prevention worker FTE posts (10% reduction) means the prevention service would potentially be available to 120 less children than in 2016-17.
3b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
4a Proposal CF171804 - Reduction of a post in the Integrated Family Support Service.

Savings: £24,000 (2017-18); Staff reduction of 1 FTE (full time equivalent)

This proposal is to reduce the Family Contact Service by one post.

The Family Contact Centre delivers court ordered contact with families where proceedings are ongoing. Reducing the service in the contact team may impact on the social work teams. However, recent reductions in the number of children coming into care will over time reduce the number of court ordered contacts.
4b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
5a Proposal AS171804 - Review of the Council’s domiciliary care service provided in the Linc Extracare schemes.

Savings: £70,000 (2017-18); £70,000 (2018-19); Staff reduction of 59.82 FTE (full time equivalent) - TUPE

This proposal is to reduce costs by outsourcing the domiciliary care service provided in four Linc Extracare schemes, while ensuring that the service provided to the Extracare tenants is maintained.

A new domiciliary care provider would be contracted to provide domiciliary care. However TUPE arrangements would mean consistency of care staff for the tenants.
5b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
6a Proposal AS171808 - Review of Supporting People Programme Grant’s (SPPG) funding contribution to Social Services

Savings: £300,000 (2017-18); £150,000 (2018-19)

The Supporting People Programme Grant (SPPG) is a Welsh Government specific grant to fund housing-related support activities in the city based on assessed need.

All packages of care and support from supporting people funding are being reviewed to ensure that the SPPG funds only housing related support.
6b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
7a Proposal AS171810 - Review of Charging Policy within Adult Services

Savings: £181,000 (2017-18)

This proposal is to discontinue the charging matrix that currently applies to adult social care (non-residential) in Newport. Newport City Council is the only local authority in Wales to apply a means-tested matrix to these charges.

Discontinuing the matrix would affect those who pay a contribution towards non-residential services (approximately 34% of service users). Under the proposal they would be asked to pay up to the Welsh Government cap or the level of disposable income, whichever is the lowest, for these services. Nil-charge service users would be unaffected by the change.
7b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
8a Proposal EDUC171802 - Cease funding to the Learning Support Centres in eight Secondary Schools

Savings: £256,000 (2017-18); £184,000 (2018-19); Staff reduction of 16 FTE (full time equivalent)

Since 2012, funding has been allocated to Newport’s secondary schools to support them in managing young people who present challenges in mainstream settings, in order to promote inclusion.

The proposal is to cease this funding. This would leave a gap in the support offered, however some schools may decide that they are able to fund the provision from within their own budget. Schools would be supported to make the decision on distributing their resources themselves, possibly on a cluster basis, and the Council would continue to work with schools in an advisory capacity.
8b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
9a Proposal EDUC171804 - To cease funding and close the Learning Resource Base (LRB) in Llanwern High School

Savings: £79,000 (2017-18); £56,000 (2018-19); Staff reduction of 4 FTE (full time equivalent)

The Learning Resource Base at Llanwern High School provides pupils who have social and emotional difficulties with access to a range of support for them to successfully access the mainstream curriculum.

The proposal is to cease funding for the Learning Resource Base and arrange alternative provision for displaced pupils at the Pupil Referral Unit, in mainstream school with support, or in Out of County Specialist provision.
9b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Section 2: Place

10 Do you want to review and comment on the 1 'Place' proposal?
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Do you agree with the following proposal?
11a Proposal SS171804 - Removal of subsidy for bus service X16 as a supported service and re-tender of evening and Sunday services to achieve better value.

Savings: £69,000 (2017-18)

The Council provides socially necessary bus services to areas of Newport which have limited access to the commercial bus service network.

This proposal is to remove the subsidy for bus service X16 (Risca To Cardiff via Rogerstone and Marshfield) as a supported service. The impact is mitigated as there are alternative services that run to Cardiff. Rogerstone has two railway stations that connect residents to Cardiff and Marshfield has an alternative bus service to Cardiff on the main A48.

It is also proposed to re-tender evening and Sunday services to gain better value without withdrawal of these services.
11b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Section 3: Corporate

12 Do you want to review and comment on the 2 'Corporate' proposals?
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Do you agree with the following proposals?
13a Proposal FIN171804 - Re-focus of the Strategic Procurement Function

Savings: £28,000 (2017-18); Staff reduction of 1 FTE (full time equivalent)

The proposal is to re-focus the Council’s small strategic procurement team which will allow one procurement officer post, currently vacant, to be deleted permanently.
13b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
14a Proposal PBC171803 - Review of the social care training unit provision

Savings: £40,000 (2017-18)

The social care training unit is a provision of dedicated resource for the assessment of professional qualifications and specific training to the social care field.  The unit provides a service to Newport City Council Social Services directorate and to external social care settings in Newport.

The proposal is to reduce core funding by delivering health and safety training through the corporate H&S training function rather than through the social care training unit.

A second proposal is to investigate possibilities for providing social care training on a regional basis from April 2018.
14b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?

Section 4: Non Service

15 Do you want to review and comment on the 1 'Non Service' proposal?
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Do you agree with the following proposal?
16a Proposal - Council Tax Increase

Increase Council Tax by 4% in 2017-18.
16b Do you think this proposal is clearly explained?
Thank you for taking the time to comment on these proposals.

For more information visit the website: www.newport.gov.uk/budgetchallenge

If completing by hand, please return your completed survey by Friday 20th January 2017 via the following FREEPOST address:

Policy, Partnership & Involvement Team
Newport City Council
Civic Centre
NP20 4UR
Mae cyllideb ddrafft 2017-18 a Chynllun Ariannol Tymor Canolig (MTFP) Cyngor Dinas Casnewydd yn ymddangos mewn cyfnod o bwysau parhaus ar wasanaethau cyhoeddus - oherwydd cyfuniad o lai o incwm, gofynion cynyddol ar wasanaethau, disgwyliadau uwch a chostau cynyddol rhedeg gwasanaethau yn sgil cyni cyllidol llywodraeth y DU ac effaith hynny ar y cyllid a gawn gan Lywodraeth Cymru, mae’n rhaid i ni wneud arbedion sylweddol er mwyn cydbwyso’n cyllideb ar gyfer 2017/18. Er gwaetha’r sefyllfa ariannol anodd, mae’r dreth gyngor yng Nghasnewydd yn parhau’n isel o gymharu â chynghorau eraill ledled y DU. Y gyfradd a delir ar gyfartaledd yw’r isaf ond un yng Nghymru. Cofiwch hefyd mai dim ond un rhan o bump o wasanaethau’r Cyngor y mae’r Dreth Gyngor yn talu amdanynt, ac mai trwy grantiau cymorth Llywodraeth Cymru y daw’n rhan fwyaf o’n hincwm.
Mae’r pwysau ariannol a amlinellir uchod yn gronnol o ran effaith, sy’n golygu bod y Cyngor wedi gorfod chwilio am arbedion gwerth dros £45 miliwn o’i gyllideb refeniw dros y pum mlynedd diwethaf yn barod. Er gwaetha’r gostyngiad sylweddol mewn cyllid, llwyddwyd i sicrhau arbedion hyn wrth i’r Cyngor ddod yn fwyfwy effeithlon a mabwysiadu ffyrdd newydd o weithio sydd wedi sicrhau’r effaith leiaf bosibl ar wasanaethau rheng flaen.
Rydym yn rhagweld bod angen arbed £5.6 miliwn yn y gyllideb ar gyfer 2017-18, a gallwn rannu hynny’n arbedion y cytunwyd arnynt yn y blynyddoedd blaenorol; penderfyniadau Penaethiaid Gwasanaethau; penderfyniadau’r Cabinet; a phenderfyniadau Aelodau’r Cabinet.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth am yr arbedion hyn i’w gweld yn Adroddiad y Cabinet ar ein gwefan ni, yn www.newport.gov.uk/budgetchallenge.
Hoffem gael eich barn ar benderfyniadau’r Cabinet ac  Aelodau’r Cabinet, sydd wedi’u rhannu bedair adran wahanol gyda 10 o gynigion arbed a fyddai’n werth tua £1.1 miliwn (ar gyfer 2017-18) a chynnig ychwanegol yn ymwneud â’r Dreth Gyngor. Am resymau’n ymwneud â bod yn agored, rhestrir penderfyniadau ar arbedion a wnaed gan Benaethiaid Gwasanaethau hefyd wedi’u rhestru ar y wefan hefyd ond dydyn ni ddim yn ymgynghori â’r cyhoedd am y rhain.

Ar ddechrau pob adran, byddwn ni’n gofyn a fyddech chi’n hoffi adolygu a rhoi sylw adegau ar unrhyw un o gynigion penodol yr adran. Os byddwch chi’n ateb ‘Ydw’ cewch eich arwain i’r cynnig, neu i’r adran nesaf os atebwch chi ‘Nac ydw’.

Diolch am gyfrannu at y broses heriol ond hollbwysig ac angenrheidiol hon.

Gwybodaeth sylfaenol

Mae hyn er mwyn casglu gwybodaeth sylfaenol am bawb sy’n llenwi’r arolwg.
17a Beth yw eich rhyw (ticiwch un blwch yn unig)?
17b Beth yw eich oedran (ticiwch un blwch yn unig)?
17c Ym mha ran o Gasnewydd ydych chi’n byw (ticiwch un blwch yn unig)?

Rhestr o gynigion Cyllideb 2017-18

Adran 1: Pobl

18 Ydych chi eisiau adolygu a mynegi barn am 7 cynnig 'Pobl’?
ymlaen i gwestiwn Q19a  
ymlaen i Adran 2
Ydych chi’n cytuno â’r cynigion canlynol?
19a Cynnig CF171801 - Ad-drefnu cyllid i wasanaethau ataliol i blant.

Arbed: £55,000 (2017-18); cael gwared ar 2 o staff FTE (cyfwerth ag amser llawn)

Mae’r cynnig hwn yn golygu gostyngiad o 10% mewn gwasanaethau ataliol i blant a theuluoedd sy’n agored i niwed ond heb anghenion acíwt hyd yma.

Mae’r tîm yn helpu plant, pobl ifanc a theuluoedd pan fo anghenion yn disgyn islaw’r trothwy ar gyfer ymyriadau statudol Gwasanaethau Plant. Mae torri dwy swydd gweithiwr ataliol cyfwerth ag amser llawn (gostyngiad o 10%) yn golygu y gallai gwasanaethau ataliol fod ar gael i 120 yn llai o blant o gymharu â 2016-17.
19b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
20a Cynnig CF171804 - Lleihau swydd gyda’r Gwasanaethau Cymorth Integredig i Deuluoedd.

Arbed: £24,000 (2017-18); cael gwared ar 1 aelod o staff FTE (cyfwerth ag amser llawn)

Y cynnig yw cael gwared un swydd yn y Gwasanaeth Cyswllt i Deuluoedd.

Mae’r Ganolfan Gyswllt i Deuluoedd yn darparu cyswllt drwy orchymyn llys â theuluoedd lle mae achosion yn parhau. Gallai lleihau gwasanaeth y tîm cyswllt effeithio ar dimau gwaith cymdeithasol. Fodd bynnag, bydd y gostyngiad diweddar yn nifer y plant sy’n dechrau derbyn gofal yn lleihau nifer y cysylltiadau drwy orchymyn llys dros amser.
20b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
21a Cynnig AS171804 - Adolygu gwasanaeth gofal cartref y Cyngor a ddarperir dan gynlluniau Linc Extracare.

Arbedion: £70,000 (2017-18); £70,000 (2018-19); cael gwared ar 59.82 o staff FTE (cyfwerth ag amser llawn) - Rheoliadau Trosglwyddo Ymgymeriadau (Diogelu Cyflogaeth) TUPE.

Y cynnig yw lleihau costau trwy ddefnyddio contractau allanol i ddarparu’r gwasanaeth gofal cartref ar gyfer pedwar cynllun Linc Extracare, tra’n parhau â’r gwasanaeth a ddarperir i denantiaid Extracare.

Byddai darparwr gofal cartref newydd yn cael ei gontractio i ddarparu gofal cartref. Fodd bynnag, byddai trefniadau TUPE yn golygu cysondeb o ran staff gofal i denantiaid.
21b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
22a Cynnig AS171808 - Adolygu cyfraniad cyllido Grant y Rhaglen Cefnogi Pobl (SPPG) i’r Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol

Arbedion: £300,000 (2017-18); £150,000 (2018-19)

Grant gan Lywodraeth Cymru yw’r Grant y Rhaglen Cefnogi Pobl yn benodol ar gyfer gweithgareddau cymorth tai yn y ddinas, yn seiliedig ar anghenion a aseswyd.

Mae’r holl becynnau gofal a chymorth gan y cyllid hwn yn cael eu hadolygu ar hyn o bryd, er mwyn sicrhau mai dim ond materion tai sy’n cael y cymorth grant hwn.
22b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
23a Cynnig AS171810 - Adolygu polisi codi tâl y Gwasanaethau Oedolion

Arbed: £181,000 (2017-18)

Y cynnig yw rhoi’r gorau i’r matrics codi tâl sy’n cael ei ddefnyddio ar hyn o bryd ar gyfer gofal cymdeithasol i oedolion (amhreswyl) yng Nghasnewydd. Cyngor Dinas Casnewydd yw’r unig awdurdod lleol yng Nghymru i ddefnyddio matrics prawf modd gyda’r taliadau hyn.

Byddai rhoi’r gorau i’r matrics hwn yn effeithio ar y rhai hynny sy’n talu cyfraniad tuag at wasanaethau amhreswyl (tua 34% o ddefnyddwyr gwasanaethau).  Dan y cynnig hwn, byddai gofyn iddyn nhw dalu hyd at gap Llywodraeth Cymru neu lefel yr incwm gwario, pa bynnag sydd isaf, ar gyfer y gwasanaethau hyn. Ni fydd y newid hwn yn effeithio ar ddefnyddwyr sy’n talu dim.
23b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
24a Cynnig EDUC171802 - Rhoi’r gorau i ariannu Canolfannau Cymorth Dysgu mewn wyth ysgol uwchradd

Arbedion: £256,000 (2017-18); £184,000 (2018-19); cael gwared ar 16 o staff FTE (cyfwerth ag amser llawn)

Ers 2012, mae arian wedi’i ddyrannu i ysgolion uwchradd Casnewydd i’w helpu i reoli pobl ifanc heriol mewn lleoliadau prif ffrwd, er mwyn hyrwyddo cynhwysiant.

Y cynnig yw dod â’r arian hwn i ben. Byddai’n gadael bwlch yn y cymorth a gynigir, ond gallai rhai ysgolion benderfynu eu bod nhw’n gallu talu am y ddarpariaeth o’u cyllideb eu hunain. Byddai ysgolion yn cael cymorth i wneud y penderfyniad ar ddosbarthu adnoddau eu hunain, fel clwstwr o bosib, a byddai’r Cyngor yn parhau i weithio gyda’r ysgolion ar sail cynghori.
24b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
25a Cynnig EDUC171804 - Rhoi’r gorau i ariannu a chau’r Ganolfan Adnoddau Dysgu yn Ysgol Uwchradd Llan-wern

Arbedion: £79,000 (2017-18); £56,000 (2018-19); cael gwared ar 4 o staff FTE (cyfwerth ag amser llawn)

Mae’r Ganolfan Adnoddau Dysgu yn cynnig cymorth amrywiol i ddisgyblion ag anawsterau cymdeithasol ac emosiynol er mwyn iddynt allu manteisio ar y cwricwlwm prif ffrwd yn llwyddiannus.

Y cynnig yw rhoi’r gorau i ariannu’r Ganolfan Adnoddau Dysgu a threfnu darpariaeth amgen ar gyfer disgyblion wedi’u dadleoli yn yr Uned Atgyfeirio Disgyblion, mewn ysgol brif ffrwd â chymorth,  neu mewn darpariaeth arbenigol y tu allan i’r sir.
25b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?

Adran 2: Lle

26 Ydych chi eisiau adolygu a mynegi barn am 1 cynnig 'Lle’?
ymlaen i gwestiwn Q27a  
Ymlaen i Adran 3
Ydych chi’n cytuno â’r cynnig canlynol?
27a Cynnig SS171804 - Rhoi’r gorau i roi cymorthdal i’r gwasanaeth bws X16 fel gwasanaeth a gynorthwyir ac aildendro’r gwasanaethau min nos a dydd Sul er mwyn sicrhau gwerth gwell am arian.

Arbedion: £69,000 (2017-18)

Mae’r Cyngor yn darparu gwasanaethau bws sy’n gymdeithasol angenrheidiol i’r ardaloedd hynny o Gasnewydd sydd â mynediad cyfyngedig i’r rhwydwaith bysiau masnachol.

Y cynnig yw rhoi’r gorau i roi cymorthdal i’r gwasanaeth bws X16 (Rhisga i Gaerdydd drwy’r Tŷ-du a Maerun) fel gwasanaeth a gynorthwyir.  Ni fydd effaith hyn cynddrwg gan fod gwasanaethau eraill yn mynd i Gaerdydd. Mae gan y Tŷ-du ddwy orsaf drenau sy’n cysylltu’r trigolion â Chaerdydd, ac mae gan Faerun wasanaeth bws amgen i Gaerdydd ar hyd prif hewl yr A48.

Cynigir aildendro’r gwasanaethau min nos a dydd Sul er mwyn sicrhau gwerth gwell heb ddiddymu’r gwasanaethau hyn.
27b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?

Adran 3: Corfforaethol

28 Ydych chi eisiau adolygu a mynegi barn am 2 gynnig 'Corfforaethol’?
ymlaen i gwestiwn Q29a  
ymlaen i Adran 4
Ydych chi’n cytuno â’r cynigion canlynol?
29a Cynnig FIN171804 - Ailffocysu’r swyddogaeth caffael strategol

Arbedion: £28,000 (2017-18); cael gwared ar 1 aelod o’r staff FTE (cyfwerth ag amser llawn)

Y cynnig yw ailffocysu tîm caffael strategol bach y Cyngor a fydd yn caniatáu i ni ddileu un swydd swyddog caffael, sy’n wag ar hyn o bryd, yn barhaol.
29b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
30a Cynnig PBC171803 - Adolygu darpariaeth yr uned hyfforddiant gofal cymdeithasol

Arbedion: £40,000 (2017-18)

Mae’r uned hon yn darparu adnoddau penodol er mwyn asesu cymwysterau proffesiynol a hyfforddiant penodol i’r maes gofal cymdeithasol.  Mae’r uned yn darparu gwasanaeth i gyfarwyddiaeth Gwasanaethau Cymdeithasol Cyngor Dinas Casnewydd ac i leoliadau gofal cymdeithasol allanol yng Nghasnewydd.

Y cynnig yw lleihau’r arian craidd trwy gyflenwi hyfforddiant iechyd a diogelwch drwy’r swyddogaeth hyfforddiant iechyd a diogelwch corfforaethol yn hytrach na thrwy’r uned hyfforddiant gofal cymdeithasol.

Mae ail gynnig i ymchwilio i’r posibilrwydd o ddarparu hyfforddiant gofal cymdeithasol ar sail ranbarthol o fis Ebrill 2018 ymlaen.
30b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?

Adran 4: Ddim yn ymwneud â gwasanaethau

31 Ydych chi eisiau adolygu a mynegi barn am 1 cynnig Ddim yn ymwneud â gwasanaethau?
ymlaen i gwestiwn Q32a  
ymlaen i’r diwedd
Ydych chi’n cytuno?
32a Cynnig - Cynnydd yn y Dreth Gyngor

Cynyddu’r Dreth Gyngor 4% yn 2017-18.
32b Ydych chi’n credu bod y cynnig wedi’i esbonio’n glir?
Diolch am roi o’ch amser i fynegi barn ar y cynigion hyn.

Mae rhagor o wybodaeth yn: www.newport.gov.uk/budgetchallenge

Os ydych chi’n llenwi’r arolwg ar bapur, cwblhewch erbyn dydd Gwener 20 Ionawr 2017 a’i anfon i’r cyfeiriad RHADBOST isod:

Y Tîm Polisi, Partneriaeth ac Ymglymiad
Cyngor Dinas Casnewydd
Y Ganolfan Ddinesig
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