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Drama: 5 A Day: Moments of Love and Death

Five acts; touching, revealing and truly pertinent to all our lives.

This is the question, for the living, for the dying, the journey no-one can escape, a death worse than fate that could await us all. 5 A DAY is a play about our search for 'a good death', an end without pain, loneliness or fear.

Is it human nature to crave control where none seems available or are we just pinching the pennies to save the economy, instead of saving our humanity?

Based on extensive research and harrowing interviews, alongside published accounts and personal traumas, 5 A DAY asks the tough questions about assisted suicide and euthanasia, and investigates the parameters of our so called 'right to die'.

7pm - 10.30pm

Location : The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre
Price : £6 - £12

Dates & Times :

Contact : The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre
tel : (01633) 656757

More Information :
More information at

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