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Virtual Tours

quicktime vr title image

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have the free QuickTime plug-in from Apple's web site by following the link opposite. QuickTime is available for Macintosh and Windows. If your plug-in is already installed, the panoramas should load directly within the web page.

Once loaded within the page, it shows up as a rectangular picture. When you place the cursor on the image, it should change from an arrow or a hand to a small circle with a dot in its centre. This is the QuickTime VR navigation cursor. Click and drag within the image, and it will spin up, down and around as you go! If you want to zoom in, press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard while navigating the panorama. To zoom back out, use the Control key.

If you see only a black (or white) box or a broken plugin icon instead of a virtual reality panorama, you need QuickTime 4.1 or above. If you already have QuickTime, you need to open the QuickTime Settings control panel, choose Browser Plugin, click MIME settings, and click the checkbox for video/x-quicktime.

By default, windows media player will attempt to play quicktime movies - but will fail. If you appear to be having problems and see a "play" button in the lower left corner of the player window, it may be that this is the problem. Please check that you have the quicktime plug-in as described above.