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Primary School List

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Alway Primary School
Aberthaw Road, Newport  NP19 9QP
Richard Hughes
Tel: (01633) 277905


Caerleon Lodge Hill Primary School
Roman Way, Caerleon, Newport  NP18 3DY
Julie Saville
Tel: 01633 414904


Charles Williams Church in Wales Primary School
High Street, Caerleon, Newport  NP18 1AZ
Rebecca Penn
Tel: (01633) 423497


Clytha Primary School
Bryngwyn Road, Allt-Yr-Yn, Newport  NP20 4JT
Joanne Davies
Tel: (01633) 265266


Crindau Primary School
Ailesbury Street, Newport  NP20 5ND
Marie Ward
Tel: (01633) 858268


Eveswell Primary School
Chepstow Road, Newport  NP19 8GX
Catherine Barnett
Tel: (01633) 272142


Fairoak Nursery School
Church Road, Newport  NP19 7EJ
Andi O'Brien
Tel: (01633) 259415


Gaer Primary School
Gaer Road, Newport  NP20 3GY
Alex Smith
Tel: (01633) 263407


Glan Llyn Primary School
Bessemer Drive, Newport  NP19 4TN
Jo Richards
Tel: (01633) 414616


Glan Usk Primary School
Bank Street, Newport  NP19 7HF
Andrea Roberts & Sarah Robson
Tel: (01633) 259445


Glasllwch Primary School
Melbourne Way, Newport  NP20 3RH
Christine Jackson
Tel: (01633) 266398


High Cross Primary School
High Cross Drive, High Cross, Newport  NP10 9AB
Fiona Rutledge
Tel: (01633) 895472


Jubilee Park Primary
Jubilee Way, Rogerstone, Newport  NP10 9NL
Cat Kucia
Tel: (01633) 414630


Kimberley Nursery School
Blaen-Y-Pant Crescent, Malpas, Newport  NP20 5QB
Andi O'Brien
Tel: (01633) 855848


Langstone Primary School
Old Roman Road, Langstone, Newport  NP18 2JU
Beverley Cole
Tel: (01633) 412200


Llanmartin Primary School
Waltwood Road, Llanmartin, Newport  NP18 2HB
Victoria Curtis
Tel: (01633) 412660


Lliswerry Primary School
Nash Road, Lliswerry, Newport  NP19 4NG
Nicola Edwards
Tel: (01633) 277015


Maesglas Primary School
Maesglas Road, Maesglas, Newport  NP20 3DG
Alex Smith
Tel: (01633) 816047


Maindee Primary School
Rodney Road, Newport  NP19 0AP
Joanne Cueto
Tel: (01633) 263309


Malpas Church in Wales Primary School
Yewberry Close, Malpas, Newport  NP20 6WJ
Katharine Thomas
Tel: (01633) 855998


Malpas Court Primary School
Whittle Drive, Malpas, Newport  NP20 6NS
Debra Guy
Tel: (01633) 855005


Malpas Park Primary School
Wavell Drive, Malpas, Newport  NP20 6LE
Kate Guest
Tel: (01633) 675900


Marshfield Primary School
Marshfield Road, Castleton, Newport  CF3 2UW
Lisa Lewis
Tel: (01633) 680303


Millbrook Primary School
Parrett Road, Newport  NP20 7DQ
Lindsey Watkins
Tel: (01633) 855100


Milton Primary School
Hendre Farm Drive, Newport  NP19 9HB
Corinne Burke
Tel: (01633) 273505


Monnow Primary School
Darent Close, Newport  NP20 7SQ
Meryl Echeverry
Tel: (01633) 852636


Mount Pleasant Primary School
Ruskin Avenue, Rogerstone, Newport  NP10 0AB
Fiona Rutledge
Tel: (01633) 894820


Pentrepoeth Primary School
Cwm-Cwddy Drive, Bassaleg, Newport  NP10 8JN
Dean Taylor
Tel: (01633) 896101


Pillgwenlly Primary School
Capel Crescent, Newport  NP20 2FT
Andrew Sheppard
Tel: (01633) 265268


Ringland Primary School
Dunstable Road, Newport  NP19 9LU
Lisa Bowden
Tel: (01633) 272308


Rogerstone Primary School
Ebenezer Drive, High Cross Estate, Rogerstone, Newport  NP10 9YX
Steve Rayer
Tel: (01633) 894591


Somerton Primary School
Hawthorne Fosse, Somerton, Newport  NP19 9AB
Catherine Barnett
Tel: (01633) 272504


St. Andrew's Primary School
Jenkins Street, Newport  NP19 0GR
Joanne Giles
Tel: (01633) 257261


St. David's Roman Catholic Primary School
Park Crescent, Newport  NP20 3AQ
Louise Robinson
Tel: (01633) 816027


St. Gabriel's Roman Catholic Primary School
Ringland Circle, Ringland, Newport  NP19 9PQ
Maria Harris
Tel: (01633) 273937


St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School
Fairoak Avenue, Newport  NP19 8FW
Jane Beckett
Tel: (01633) 258801


St. Julian's Primary School
Beaufort Road, Newport  NP19 7UB
Luke Mansfield
Tel: (01633) 259563


St. Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School
Queen's Hill, Newport  NP20 5HJ
Donna Evans
Tel: (01633) 840490


St. Michael's Roman Catholic Primary School
Baldwin Close, Newport  NP20 2LW
Jill Manship
Tel: (01633) 262078


St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Primary School
Fairfax Road, Newport  NP19 0HR
Lindsay Smith
Tel: (01633) 272488


St. Woolos Primary School
Stow Hill, Newport  NP20 4DW
Heather Vaughan
Tel: (01633) 265792


Tredegar Park Primary
Partridge Way, Duffryn, Newport  NP10 8WP
Jennifer Thomas
Tel: (01633) 817161


Ysgol Bryn Derw
Melfort Road, Newport  NP20 3FQ
Richard Drew
Tel: (01633) 414988


Ysgol Gymraeg Bro Teyrnon
Brynglas Drive, Brynglas, Newport  NP20 5QS
Lona Jones-Campbell
Tel: (01633) 850804


Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd
Hartridge Farm Road, Newport  NP18 2LN
Ceri Innes-Parry
Tel: (01633) 290270


Ysgol Gymraeg Ifor Hael
Meon Close, Bettws, Newport  NP20 7DU
Bethan Parry-Jones
Tel: (01633) 414694