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Image of foster child

Children and young people of all ages and backgrounds need foster care, when it is not possible for them to live with family members or friends. This can be as a result of:

    • A breakdown in family relationships

    • Parental health problems including substance misuse

    • Families caring for a child with a disability needing a break

    • Children have suffered from abuse, including neglect.

As a local authority, every child in the Newport care system is our responsibility. We will always try to match their needs with a suitable family in the area, but this is not always possible. There is a shortage of foster carers in Wales and there are occasions when we have to place children outside of the Newport area, or with fostering agencies. By recruiting more foster carers, we will be able to place more children in the areas they are familiar with.

Who could you foster?

The children’s ages range from 0-18 years and they vary widely in their personalities and needs. We respect a child’s racial, religious, linguistic and cultural backgrounds when placing them with a foster family, as well as ensuring that their health and ability needs are met.

When you first make a fostering enquiry, we will discuss the age groups that you are able to foster, the sort of children/young people you can best support and over what period of time.

Why foster for your local authority?

We want to achieve the best possible outcomes for our looked after children by:

    • Placing children with our own approved carers.

    • Building strong relationships with our carers who have their own allocated fostering officer and access to a designated duty officer and out of hours support.

    • Providing our carers with access to comprehensive training.

    • Providing tailored support from in-house professionals where necessary, e.g. psychologist, play therapist, placement support, health and education.

Ready to find out how to become a foster carer?

Find out more about the fostering in Newport by completing our online Fostering enquiry form. For further information on fostering, take a look at our fostering booklet, Fostering for Newport, working together hand in hand. (pdf)

Newport City Council Fostering Statement of Purpose (pdf)

Please use this form to help us improve our website; if you have a specific query, or require a response, please use our online contact form

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