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Access Keys

What are access keys?

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts which allow the user to navigate around a website or a piece of computer software without having to use a mouse or other pointing device.
The letter or numeral if visible is usually underlined.

What are the advantages of using Access Keys

An alternative to using a mouse, or other pointing device.
Can be quicker than using a mouse.

How do I use Access Keys?

This depends on the browser you are using

If you use Internet Explorer

  • Press and hold the 'alt' key
  • Press the required letter
  • Release the keys and press the 'enter' key

If you use Netscape Navigator

  • Press and hold the 'alt' key
  • Press the required letter

If you use Firefox 2.0 or above

  • Press and hold the ‘shift’ and ‘alt’ keys
  • Press the required letter

What access keys are used on the Newport web site?

This web site uses the UK Government access key system. If you use this facility and wish to suggest additional access keys, please contact the web development team

The Government Access Key System

Netscape Navigator

Internet Explorer

Takes you to …

alt and S

Skip navigation (with IE this may only work with a user-supplied style sheet)

alt and 1

… then ‘enter’


alt and 2

… then ‘enter’

What’s new – not yet available

alt and 3

… then ‘enter’

Site map

alt and 4

… then ‘enter’

Site search

alt and 5

… then ‘enter’

Not available

alt and 6

… then ‘enter’

Site Help – not yet available

alt and 7

… then ‘enter’

Complaints procedure

alt and 8

… then ‘enter’


alt and 9

… then ‘enter’


alt and 0

… then ‘enter’

Access Key details (this page)

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